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Testimonials from Our Clients

Here at WayLess, we are so thrilled to hear your feedback and stories about the weight you're losing and how you feel after using WayLess for a while.

As shown in the reviews, giving WayLess time to work will offer the best results.

Thank you to all these wonderful clients who left us details in the beginning of their journey! We are rooting for you to become a healthier you!!

As a reminder, all WayLess products are the same ingredients so any review on one product, is also speaking of different sizes available.

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1 Comment

I just tried the gummy for the first time today, and I'm so impressed that it worked right away. I have no hunger and no cravings whatsoever. I feel fantastic and even had a burst of energy! I will definitely be continuing with it and super pleased I found an all natural weight loss supplement.

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