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Book recommendation - THCV: The "Anti-Munchies Appetite Killer"

Are you interested in finding out more about THCV before taking the plunge? We would love to recommend a book that could help you decide if THCV is for you!!

Check out - THCV: The "Anti-Munchies Appetite Killer" by Dr. Gregory L. Smith to get more detailed information about THCV and the benefits it could offer to you.

The write up on Amazon and GoodReads about this book is as follows:

Dr. Gregory L. Smith, the author of the best selling guidebook on CBD, delivers the first ever patient-focused and scientifically-supported book for individuals who want to learn about the benefits of THCV.THCV has several unique effects on the body which are very different from both CBD and THC. THCV causes the exact opposite of the 'munchies' and works by blocking the CB1 receptors on certain centers in the brain that are associated with hunger. This results in a decreased release of dopamine in response to seeing or smelling our favorite foods, and also a decrease in the release of the hormone that causes the stomach to rumble with hunger pangs and increases the sensation of felling full. This makes THCV the ultimate "appetie-killer", so to speak. Unlike all other appetite suppressants currently available, THCV works without causing the jitters or by increasing blood pressure. It is a very natural way to decrease one's appetite. Studies suggest that the average adult can expect 2 to 2.5 lbs of weight loss per month by adding a twice daily dose to their health regimen.The book also discusses several other nutraceuticals hat work in unison with THCV for weight loss, including curicumin, cinnamon, green tea extracts, chromium and other probiotics. Loaded with pertinent studies and science-based information, this guidebook also provides detailed instructions on how to dose THCV and how to work closely with physicians.

To purchase this book on Amazon, please search for the title or use this link -

To purchase this book on GoodReads, please follow the link here -

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